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A journey of self-discovery, Lisa explores the Hardships she has endured throughout her life- Childhood Trauma (‘Breaking’), & Adolescent Mental Ill Health (‘Hurting’), as well as the Hopefulness she chases- Recovery (‘Healing’), & Spirituality (‘Praying’), in this inspiring collection of moving poetry.


From Dark to Light is a moving collection of hopeful poems, documenting one girls journey out of the darkness of Anorexia, and into the light of recovery.

#Girls are strong

A compilation of moving stories told by 15 incredibly inspirational Anorexia survivors, #Girls are strong showcases the strength, bravery and determination that lies within every single one of us. From being admitted to a specialist eating disorders hospital to being back home either in recovery or recovered, this book is sure to inspire you to choose recovery so that you too can live your best life.

Portfolio of hope- a collection of poems 

Portfolio of hope is a collection of original poetry written by Anorexia survivor, Lisa Fouweather. Lisa started writing poetry upon her admission to hospital, and has carried on since. This book should help you to embrace recovery, and should encourage you too, to live your best life.

Little book of inspiration

Welcome to your little book of inspiration! Designed for those in recovery from eating disorders, this book is a must for anyone seeking to spark motivation from within.

Portfolio of hope- a journal to celebrate you

This is your Portfolio of hope.

Packed with thought-provoking questions to get you thinking about the most important person in your life-you– this journal will aid you in rediscovering who you really are, whilst also acknowledging who it is you want to be.

Portfolio of hope

A collection of motivational quotes, poems and helpful hints and tips, Portfolio of hope will help you to embrace recovery.

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